Illusions and Reality

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” -Albert Einstein

State of the Arctic and NSTA 7 April 2010

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March was a very busy month and I didn’t get around to posting much…ooops!  In the middle of March, I went to Miami to attend the State of the

Watch out for manatees.

Arctic meeting…yes it is highly ironic that there was an Arctic meeting in Miami.  I had never been to Miami before and it was nice to go somewhere warm for a few days.  I learned a lot at the meeting, especially some interesting information about the hybridization of marine mammals.  Apparently marine mammals hybridize easily and this could cause us to lose some species as Atlantic and Pacific species that have been isolated by ice are no longer isolated due to the melting of the ice cap.  Another highlight of the Miami trip was seeing a manatee swimming right through downtown in a canal.

After a couple of days in Miami I headed north to Philly for the NSTA National Conference.  In addition to having lots of other Einstein Fellows there with me, my dad was there as well so it was a lot of fun.  I also reconnected with some Crow Canyon friends.  I saw Elaine in the exhibit hall and had planned to get together with Jen who was also in town.  One afternoon, I skipped out on conference sessions to take in the historical sites.  We weren’t able to get tickets for inside Independence Hall, but we did get to see the Liberty Bell and where the Supreme Court and Congress met in the early days.  It was my first trip to Philadelphia and I really loved the city.  There is a great market and great sculptures scattered around the downtown area.

Philadelphia City Hall

I love Philly!


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