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SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!!!!! 15 February 2010

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Capitol in the snow after Snowmageddon and Snoverkill.

The most exciting thing that has happened the last week or so, is the copious amounts of snow that have fallen on the Washington, DC metro area.  I have to admit that I was very happy when the first snow storm arrived last weekend.  Since, I was trying to get home from San Francisco during the first blizzard (known as the Snowpacolypse) I really didn’t get to enjoy that snow storm at all.  So last weekend as the forecasts mounted I was excited that it was going to snow and snow big.  The forecasters were dead on with that storm (known as Snowmageddon) and after snowing for about 30 hours straight we were left with 2 feet or so.  Three days after that storm came the next one (known as Snoverkill).  This one made me feel like I had moved to Siberia or the Great Plains.  All day last Wednesday, it snowed with winds blowing at 25-30 miles per hour causing it to snow sideways and to qualify as a true “blizzard”, meterologically speaking.  By the time that one was done, there was another foot of snow on the ground, although how they could measure it is beyond my comprehension.  The drifts were immense due to all of the wind.  So today, as I write this and look out the window, it has started snowing again.  If the forecasts are correct this storm will not leave us with much accumulation which is a blessing since there are still places that haven’t dug out from last week’s storms.

The storms of last week really brought the city to a grinding halt.  The federal government was closed for four days, there was no above ground metro service and buses weren’t running at all.  Even now, more than a week after the storm there are still problems, mostly caused by the fact that there is no where to put all the snow, so many roads have lost a lane to giant snow piles.  I am so glad that I live in an apartment building with underground parking.  I didn’t have to shovel off any sidewalks and my car was nice and clear of snow instead of being buried in a parking space.

More pictures from Snowmageddon and Snoverkill.

NSF in the snow.

Quincy Park after Snowmageddon


2 Responses to “SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!!!!!”

  1. Dad Says:

    Wow — snow is fun to a point. In Boone we are, at this point in the season, the snowiest period since records have been kept (20s) — by over 6″ right now. The total winter snows had the 1959-60 year with 104″ — so far we have 61.9″. Notable in the exception is that at this point in 1959-60 that winter had not made the 10 most snowy. Hopefully we will not break that record with most of the snow coming after February!

  2. Mom Says:

    I don’t think that they have given our snows here such colorful names but I have one in mind which is unprintable!

    Nice pictures. We had 2-3 inches yesterday and now have continuous snow forecast from last night through Thursday. It never ends.

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