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Perfect Autumn Day in DC 8 November 2009

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Apples from Showalter Orchard for sale at Eastern Market

Le pain grille et cafe au lait au Bon Cafe…C’est magnifique!!

A beautiful weekend day in DC…I went up to Eastern Market, walked around and then made my way down to the Capitol and then down Pennsylvania Ave., wound up at the National Portrait Gallery for a quick peek and then the Festival of Trabants on the street in front of the International Spy Museum.

Just a taste of autumn in DC…

Eastern Market: chilly morning, perfect for squash, pumpkins, and apples.  Walking on Capitol Hill streets – last weekend’s pumpkins lingering on front stoops, smiles starting to droop.

Le Bon Cafe – quirky, cute, discovered on the morning of the Library of Congress day.  A French cafe staffed by Spanish speaking staff – incongruous or cosmopolitan?  Marble topped tables with wrought iron bases – heavy, white, chipped cafe wear.  Beautiful toasted baguette spread with butter and raspberry jam, rich cafe au lait.

Interesting facades along 8th Street – not sure what they are.  Outlines of windows and architectural features drawn on the walls at street level, wrought iron outlines higher up.

A beautiful, sunny day with a cool crispness in the air…..perfection!

Facade Along 8th Street

Trabants at the International Spy Museum














Click here for more fall in DC and Virginia pictures.


2 Responses to “Perfect Autumn Day in DC”

  1. Mom Says:

    Enjoyed all these pictures on Facebook. Added a lot to read your description of your day!

  2. Alina Says:

    I love good autum weather. Crisp, windy and SUNNY!!! Thank you so much for keeping up with this blog, it’s very interesting to read about whats happening!
    May the stars watch over you

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