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“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” -Albert Einstein

The First Couple of Weeks 11 September 2009

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Welcome to NSF!

Welcome to NSF!

I am finishing up the second week of my Einstein Fellowship and it has been a great beginning.  Being at the NSF is such an interesting experience.  There is so much going on here and such a broad range of interests and opportunities.  This week I got to attend the Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education meeting, which basically is group of experts who meet to give the NSF advice from people outside the Federation.  It was really quite interesting to listen to these discussions.  Part of the meeting was a presentation by Dr. Diane Pataki from UC-Irvine who talked about the work she is doing in urban ecosystems.  Another important part of the meeting was the release of the AC-ERE report, Transitions and Tipping Points in Complex Environmental Systems .  This week I also heard a talk about decision making under uncertainty relating to climate change.  It was a very interesting topic and one that is very timely.  If we don’t understand how people make decisions related to climate change, we will never make any progress towards solutions. Today at lunch, a group of Einsteins met at lunch time to preview and give feedback on some educational materials developed by the Office of Legislative and Public Affairs.

That’s all about cool things happening at work, not to mention the fun things to do outside of working hours.  Last Sunday, I went to dinner at Busboys and Poets in DC with Margie and then we met up with another Fellow to sit on the west lawn of the Capitol and hear the free concert by the National Symphony.  Other than a bit of rain, it was fantastic.  The theme of the concert was anniversaries so they played a selection from Gypsy (50th), selections from South Pacific (60th), Star Wars and ET (in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing), and Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait (in honor of Lincoln’s 200th).

Sitting on the west lawn of the Capitol waiting for the NSO concert to begin.

Sitting on the west lawn of the Capitol waiting for the NSO concert to begin.

There is more fun planned for this weekend: Darwin Symposium at the Museum of Natural History and the free “Opera in the Outfield” simulcast of the National Opera’s opening night at the National’s Ballpark.

This is a great town!!!!

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