Illusions and Reality

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” -Albert Einstein

The National Museum of American History 25 August 2009

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I spent this morning at the National Museum of American History.  There are tons of cool things in this museum representing all aspects of American History.  When I got off the metro at the Mall, the sky was beautiful blue behind the Washington Monument.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

I got to the museum about five minutes after it opened so it wasn’t very crowded at first so I went downstairs to check out the Science in American Life exhibit and see Julia Child’s kitchen.  I loved how she had outlines of all the tools and pans drawn on the pegboards.

Julias Kitchen

Julia's Kitchen

The museum has lots of very large exhibits; cars, trains, and even a whole house rebuilt inside the museum.  There is even a Greensboro connection – a section of the counter from the Woolworth’s store downtown where the sit-in movement began.

Greensboro Woolworths Counter

Greensboro Woolworth's Counter

You can see more pictures from my trip to the museum by clicking here.


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