Illusions and Reality

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” -Albert Einstein

Everything is Coming Together 18 June 2009

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So lots of little details are starting to fall into place for next year.  I have leased an apartment in Arlington, that is almost just two steps from the NSF.  It is the one that I wrote about earlier that has the great view from the roof deck.  I have lined up all the moving help and storage for my stuff.  I have also realized that the time between now and the start of my Einstein year can be divided into nice little two week blocks.

Two weeks from today, I will move my stuff out of my house and into a storage unit.  Then I will take two weeks of vacation (part of which will be in Hawaii…..Aloha!).  Then I go back to B’nai Shalom and finish out the last two weeks of my contract there, while staying at Abby and Barb’s house (thanks guys!).  Then two weeks in Boone, enjoying the woods and mountains at my parents’ house.  Then move to Arlington and have about two weeks to settle in and explore my new town.  Then on August 31 I start my Einstein year.  Feels like a good summer to me 🙂


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